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BSW/PPF Group is a dynamic and innovative retail company leading the industry with a commitment to providing top-notch beauty supplies, urban wear, and cutting-edge technology solutions. Our extensive range of products and services cater to a diverse clientele across North America and internationally.

Eric Choi, Chairman of BSW/PPF Group

“What we do is more than sell products to consumers. We present the best option by offering expert knowledge so that we can be the best experience before, during, and after a transaction. That’s why when you work with us, you form a life long relationship. From start to finish, not only will you always look good, but you will also feel better.”


The BSW/PPF Group comprises two distinct subdivisions: BSW Beauty and streeTgame. BSW Beauty stands as the premier beauty supply retailer across North America, specializing in the provision of hair extensions and wigs of unparalleled quality. Meanwhile, streeTgame caters to the urban fashion scene, currently establishing its presence in upstate New York. With a dedicated workforce exceeding 500 employees, the BSW/PPF Group remains steadfast in its commitment to continued expansion and vibrant growth.

At the heart of our ethos lies a simple yet profound motto: Look Good, Feel Better. This mantra encapsulates our unwavering dedication to enhancing the shopping experience within our stores, ensuring that each customer emerges with a newfound sense of confidence and self-assurance. We strive to create an environment where every individual feels valued and empowered, where the pursuit of personal style is celebrated and embraced.

As a testament to our ambition and vision, the BSW/PPF Group has already transcended national borders, evolving into a multi-national entity of considerable renown. However, our journey is far from complete; we remain resolutely committed to further expansion across North America and beyond, setting our sights on emerging markets and major international territories alike. Our ultimate aspiration is nothing short of achieving household recognition, wherein customers worldwide come to recognize and entrust the BSW/PPF Group as the epitome of excellence in both service and product provision.

In essence, the BSW/PPF Group stands as a beacon of innovation and inclusivity, dedicated to enriching the lives of our customers through the provision of exceptional beauty and fashion solutions. With each passing day, we strive to redefine industry standards, setting new benchmarks for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Together, let us embark on this journey of growth and transformation, united by a shared commitment to excellence and empowerment.

At A Glance

Employing these best of the best in the North East (USA & CANADA),     we are constantly expanding and pushing the boundaries of what was previously considered possible. Our numbers alone can easily suggest that BSW/PPF Group is a constantly evolving organization that excels in what we do. That being said, we run things in a lean and sustainable manner, constantly looking towards the future with innovation to transcend where others have stalled.

Strategy Overview

As a major player in beauty supply retail industry and a strong force in Upstate/Western New York as Urban Wear retailer, BSW/PPF Group strives for creating opportunities and achieving where no other competitors walked before. BSW/PPF Group puts its entire development and efforts into making BSW/PPF Group a leader in the urban fashion industry. The reason is simple, we want to create as much value for everyone – our consumers, our employees, and our investors.

BSW/PPF Group strives to be at the very forefront of our industries. BSW/PPF Group creates value by offering the right products at the right price at right time, which results in quality and sustainable growth for thriving success. BSW/PPF Group also delivers the promise to customers on exceptionally competitive prices of products, and provides exclusive limited editions that customers can only purchase at BSW Beauty/streeTgame.

Key Strategic Approaches

“Investor values embody the form of profits and is made possible through lean operation”


We offer many brands.

With a multi-brand strategy, we can effectively target our specified niche to suit their ever changing needs. Our consumers deserve the best products, services, and experiences that tend to their specific needs. Targeting both the market and niche segments, we can provide a large spectrum of consumers with products. With this mindset, we can continue to grow, thrive, respond to trends, and strengthening our portfolio.


Investments in omni-channel strategies for many areas.

Our group targets leading market positions in all markets in which we enter. Not only do we look to move into key areas with targeted market segmentation information, but we go further by crowd sourcing data to deliver key products and services to our consumers on the macro level through brand/product acquisition and market research. With acquisition and market research, we prioritized our investments based on each individual market to offer the best long term growth, profitability, and sustainability. Staying true to what we do, we put a large emphasis in expanding our markets and activities in emerging markets, as well as creating market share in under saturated markets. Regardless of the market, we crowd source our data on the macro level for each market because no two markets are identical. Simply put, we make sure each market has exactly what it needs to deliver the maximum impact to our consumers. By executing our strategy in a meticulous approach, we can offer the with the best results in experience from start to finish.


An always evolving supply chain.

Retail trends are constantly evolving, even more so now with the implementation of SNS. That being said, not only do we want to cater to demands, bars, and trends, but we wish to surpass and set them. This means, that beyond research, we need to execute in a pre emptive way to set the trend and executing at the right time. Thus, one of our top priorities is to shorten turn around time by improving our infrastructure and execution time. Doing this will not only manage our supply chain in a lean manner, but we can also respond to trends faster. We are constantly working harder to improve our supply chain management through various channels, so that we can deliver our the right goods and services to our consumers at the right time.


R&D and Innovation

As time goes by, everything changes, both old and new. While we work on projects for the future, we are constantly upgrading our infrastructure to improve and “modernize” all aspects of what we have and do now, to make the future today. We do this through technology as more and more technology is becoming embedded with all aspects of retail. Staying on top of technology keeps our branches fresh, as well as delivering the optimal information and experience to our consumers, even if they are not in our brick and mortar locations.


A family grounded in passion.

Our teams are continuously growing and adapting to the times, nodding to the past and bringing the future to the present. We work together in a matrix style organization structure to make sure that all of our passionate people are working together to complete our goals. Thus, we have culture of diverse people, who have the passion and integrity to nourish a culture that encourages innovation and team work.


Sustainability in today’s market.

Our business manages omni-channel strategies to deliver maximized return and growth. We are driven to excel in all areas from the basics of inventory management to the extended such as the environment. We constantly grow and evolve with the times to have the best impact in everywhere and everything we partake in.

Outlook and Targets

BSW/PPF Group has already established itself as the biggest beauty supply retail company in North America. BSW/PPF Group plans to continue its growth by creating new stores in our existing markets, opening new stores in new territories, and acquiring existing markets integrating our business plan for better growth. BSW/PPF Group plans to create online and offline retail spacing to create exposure throughout North America consumer populace.

BSW/PPF Group has increased its Urban Wear store numbers from three to eight in the last few years. We plan to expand streeTgame brand as an Urban Wear retail company in Upstate New York.


Our passionate and dedicated team brings together a diverse range of skills and expertise to deliver exceptional results. From creative visionaries to meticulous strategists, we work seamlessly together to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Eric Choi


Sean Kwon

Vice President

Sue Yi

Chief Financial Officer

Robin Kim

Executive Accounting Manager

A Cordial Invitation

We invite you to join us our journey to success, regardless of consumer, colleague, investor, or shareholder.

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